Genesee Valley Riding & Driving Club H.T. (Aug 2023) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Aikman, JessieHidden treasureBNH-CHAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 11Green Acres Stables
Alaimo, MelissaFascinating RhythmT-CHAcceptedCheckY - GVRDC Stabling 7Coyote Spring Farm
Alaimo, SophieTobySTARTAccepted
Allison, PeytonCamelsoulSTARTAccepted50.00USEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Andrzejczak, KateNevermoreSTARTAcceptedCheckY - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 23Walnut Grove Farm
Bennett, TessaBeck and CallT-CHAccepted
Bibeau, BeauSkyfallBNAccepted
Blochwitz, AvaWhisperSTARTAccepted
Bolek, PamelaWell DecoratedNR - CHAccepted
Bond, ClaraBeaverwoods DandelionBNR-CHAccepted
Bond, MeganHoney Locust FinchBNR-CHAccepted
Boys, KristineHH DagSTARTAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 20Stabling Manager
Branco, ElliePeaddarBNAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 1Coyote Spring Farm
Branco, KristinaVersaillesM-CHAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 2Coyote Spring Farm
Burrows, AmyChant de CielNAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 8Julie McElhaney
Calvete, KellyAli's WinnerTAccepted
Carr, SiriFoxtrot TreacleNR - CHAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 13Ferial Johnson Oakwood Farm
Carroll-Yacoby, DianeGabrielBNAccepted
Carter, KylieLavender HazeSTARTAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 31Lear
Cashman, RorySandy PrinceBNAccepted
Champlain, DevonChampagne EventMAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 12Ferial Johnson Oakwood Farm
Chornobil, JennaSneesels WeakersNAccepted
Clapp, JenniferSidamo de BrioNR - CHAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 43Scarlet Hill
Clarke, AudreyBennington DriveBNAccepted
Colbath, AimeeMr. KWSTARTAccepted40.00Coggins: Missing
Coggins: Missing
Y - GVRDC Stabling 30,GVRDC Stabling 29Aimee Colbath
Conforti, AmyJust Say YesP-CHAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 20
Coniglio, JenniferPhaedraNR - CHAccepted
Conrad, AlexanderSpeisialta EditionNH-CHAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 19Conrad Equestrian
Conrad, AlexanderAmoreMAccepted40.00Coggins: MissingY - GVRDC Stabling 15Conrad Equestrian
Conrad, AlexanderKing Kong VanoverisNAccepted40.00Coggins: MissingY - GVRDC Stabling 16Conrad Equestrian
Conrad, AlexanderQueens DudeNAccepted40.00Coggins: MissingY - GVRDC Stabling 18Conrad Equestrian
Cooper, KatherineGlobal CountessTAccepted
Costello, SiobhanHoldenSTARTAccepted
Crane, KimberlyPrincess ButtercupBNR-CHAccepted
Dane, ArabellaCashT-CHAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 5Ferial Johnson Oakwood Farm
DeMuth, GabriellaWatercolorsSTARTAccepted
Deacon, AvaSue Blue By YouSTARTAcceptedCoggins: Missing
Dedrick, EdenExcel Star High HopesNR - CHAccepted25.00
Detweiler, EllaGone with the WindSTARTAccepted
Diggins, MorganValhalla's CallingSTARTAcceptedEntry: Pending Review
Dillard, JacksonLayla QMAcceptedCheckY - GVRDC Stabling 17Conrad Equestrian
Driscoll-Mathers, IslaFancy Pants ZoeSTARTAccepted
Dunivent, ArianaRegal ImageSTARTAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 38TrueNorth Equestrian Center
Dunivent, NatalieLuv U A LatteSTARTAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 37TrueNorth Equestrian Center
Englerth, SharlaHoly LandNAccepted
Evans, MiriamSantinoBNR-CHAccepted65.0040.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 9Marcia Kulak
Faccio, TaylorRanger WayneBNR-CHAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 42Corrine Lauze
Fegan-Organ, KatherineHeartbreak KidNAccepted
Fitch, JenniferCaraways Daireing RomanceNH-CHAccepted
Florack, DanielleEmberNAccepted
Fogarty, SusanKing BustNAcceptedCheckY - GVRDC Stabling 23Permanent stall
Funtash, SadieOfficial PlanBNAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 7Candle Light Farms - CLF
Gallagher, KaitlynSydneyBNAccepted
Garlapow, AlaynaWinnieSTARTAcceptedCoggins: Missing
Garlapow, RosemaryOrionSTARTAccepted
Geer, PeytynDublin RedT-CHAccepted30.00
Geer, PeytynSkeeterSTARTAccepted
Gill, RachaelChance for LoveP-CHAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 13
Giso, RachelKristina's LeoBNAcceptedCoggins: Missing
USEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Gmerek, OliviaRubin HurricaneBNAccepted40.00USEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 24Walnut Grove Farm
Green, MaeveRiverSTARTAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 34Maeve Green
Green, ReganTimberNAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 35Maeve Green
Hacker, LoisZephyrSTARTAccepted
Hainsworth, FaithBallymarchaun FellaBNR-CHAccepted
Hall, LauraQuatorze's GirlSTARTAccepted
Harrison, BethHoney Locust AbsoluteSTARTAccepted
Hart, KathleenJack's Killinick RobinNAccepted
Hawe, JocelynFiddle HeadT-CHAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 3Coyote Spring Farm
Hawe, JocelynDunmoreTAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 4Coyote Spring Farm
Hay, GenevieveKnight SmokeBNAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 26Sarah Pyne
Hecht, DonnaCocoboloNAccepted
Hennings, BaileyMiss DemeanourPAccepted40.00Coggins: Missing
USEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Y - GVRDC Stabling 45Hennings
Hennings, LisaIrish LegendNAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 44Hennings
Holden, SandraEvil MunchkinP-CHAccepted40.00Coggins: MissingY - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 29Mikki Kuchta/Aiken Bach Farm
Holden, SandraSir TeddingtonNAccepted40.00Coggins: MissingY - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 39Mikki Kuchta/Aiken Bach Farm
Hoover, JaniceIts Now or NeverSTARTAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 18Candle Light Farms - CLF
Houghteling, EmilyVote SaxonSTARTAccepted
Houghteling, NicoleCosmic BrownieNAccepted
Howard, AllisonHere's WatteverBNAccepted
Howe, MakenaBaldurSTARTAccepted
Hudson, LaurieFalcoBNH-CHAcceptedCheckY - GVRDC Stabling 40Corrine Lauze
Jewell, BreannaLa IsabellaNAccepted
Kelley, KarenFull Gallop's King RedBNAccepted
Kenney, IanFergusonSTARTAccepted
Kiefer Wood, JeanSt. Nick's Beam of LightBNAccepted
Klein-McNeil, FrederickBallineddin StarBNAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 11Ferial Johnson Oakwood Farm
Knoll, AliceHolly's HaloNAccepted
Kosiorek-Smith, LauraFair Wind Seas STBNAccepted
Kozlowski, CarolElodon ZodiacBNH-CHAccepted
Kozlowski, CarolKieranNH-CHAccepted
Kozlowski, CarolWelbourneM-CHAccepted
Kramer, LillianPipBNAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 32Hannah Lowin
Krohg, AllyArdeo Rock and RollP-CHAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 4Ferial Johnson Oakwood Farm
Krotz, MollyBravehearts FiligreeSTARTAccepted
Kuchta, MikkiSemore SmokeP-CHAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 30Mikki Kuchta/Aiken Bach Farm
Kuchta, MikkiSpecial ReserveP-CHAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 40Mikki Kuchta/Aiken Bach Farm
Kulak, MarciaPantheonBNAccepted430.0040.00YMarcia Kulak
Lambert, AnthonyKillinick LaceTAccepted
Lauze, CorrinneAnam CaraNH-CHAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 39Corrine Lauze
Leason, KristinLion Under OathSTARTAccepted
Leaton, AlisonLulworth CoveTAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 15Ferial Johnson Oakwood Farm
Ledoux, MeganAnthemBNR-CHAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 12
Lefkowitz, RyanMastermind ESBNR-CHAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 32Lear
Lingeman, JenniferMarana Samson JaydunNR - CHAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 6Coyote Spring Farm
Lowin, HannahJack FrostBNH-CHAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 31Hannah Lowin
Lowin, HannahExcel Star Ever HopefulNAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 22Hannah Lowin
Lowin, HannahDublinerNAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 21Hannah Lowin
Luccitti, AliyahRun the WorldNR - CHAccepted
MacConnel, DebbieQuarantine FactorNH-CHAcceptedCheckY - GVRDC Stabling 41Corrine Lauze
Mangefrida, MollySurprise VisitSTARTAccepted
Manning, KaraPretty Boy FloydSTARTAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 33Lear
Mauser, JaclynCherry FrostNAccepted
McElhaney, Julie AnneTemptationTAcceptedCheckY - GVRDC Stabling 10Julie McElhaney
McElhaney, Julie AnneElectric LovePAcceptedCheckY - GVRDC Stabling 9Julie McElhaney
McLiverty, KristinCharmSTARTAcceptedCoggins: Missing
Mead, JessicaScorecatBNR-CHAccepted
Menner, OliviaPhineasNAccepted
Mulligan, ClaireGenesee Lucky Emerald FionaBNAccepted
Naja, AlexandraWho Can CharmAccepted40.00No DivisionY - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 10Marcia Kulak
Olin, AshleyGypsy FeverSTARTAccepted
Overholt, JulieannSummersaultNAccepted
Pangal, JulianneDaisyBNAcceptedUSEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Pangal, JulianneBlackshadow TeslaSTARTAccepted225.00USEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Paris, JillSpice GirlSTARTAccepted
Plante, MariahLeonidasTAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 14Ferial Johnson Oakwood Farm
Pottle, LibbyInfinite Ole Buddy MikeyTAccepted50.0040.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 3Ferial Johnson Oakwood Farm
Pyne, SarahDirhon CPAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 25Sarah Pyne
Raynor, KatyVanillaTAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 5Coyote Spring Farm
Roberts, CharissaSmart MovesBNAccepted
Rodriguez, AmyGettin’ Ziggy Wit ItSTARTAccepted
Rouse, LucienStravinskyM-CHAccepted
Schumacher, AnnaBaby at the ParkSTARTAccepted
Schumacher, LeahspicySTARTAccepted
Shelby, ClareRed Stripe RoganBNAccepted
Shine, HollyDaniel CraigMAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 14Stall 14
Sivertsen, NoellTry ThisBNAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 8Candle Light Farms - CLF
Smith, JackieMorrisseyNAccepted
Snyder, MaryCadillac CarterSTARTAccepted
Stepic, LauraHoney BadgerBNAccepted25.0040.00Coggins: MissingY - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 17Candle Light Farms - CLF
Sult, MicheleCountry RiskNAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 4 36
Summers, MichelleThinkTAccepted
Sundman, ChaceaBlew By YouBNAcceptedCheckY - GVRDC Stabling 22,GVRDC Stabling 21Sundman
Tardiff, MeganVindakovaM-CHAccepted40.00Y - Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 1,Temporary Stalls - Barn 3 2Ferial Johnson Oakwood Farm
Teresi, GinaMatch RightNAccepted
Thompson, PaigeExcel Star Fun GuyNAccepted
Tilbury, LauraCaptain JackBNR-CHAccepted
Tomlinson, JoyFMF Memphis KingBNAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 28Aimee Colbath
Treacy, JenniferSwish and FlickNAccepted
Ulrop, RileyHobson BNAccepted
Vacca, KateBlack MinotaurNH-CHAccepted
Valint, JillianCold soberBNAccepted
Vanskiver, JenniferPatriot GameNAccepted
Wallace, OliviaTedescoNR - CHAccepted
Warren, DebbieMake Mine A DoubleSTARTAccepted
Wing, TaylorAltair's BenniganBNH-CHAccepted
Wing, TaylorCarollinaNAccepted
Wing, TroyStella ArtoisSTARTAcceptedCoggins: Missing
Wing, TroyThe Sorcerer's StarNH-CHAccepted
Woodruff, NoelleMattieSTARTAccepted
Zygelyte, EmilijaCarriage House DirkBNR-CHAccepted40.00Y - GVRDC Stabling 24Stabling Manager

Division Entries
BNBeginner Novice 26
BNH-CHBegNovice Horse - Championships5
BNR-CHBegNovice Rider - CH11
M-CHModified - Championships4
NNovice 29
NH-CHNovice Horse - Championships7
NR - CHNovice Rider - Championship8
P-CHPreliminary - Championships6
T-CHTraining - Championships5